Q&A Session with Kieran Galbraith

We sent out a challenge to our followers to send in their questions for defender Kieran Galbraith, who took the time to answer them.

Prior to the 2019-20 season results being expunged, Galbraith had made 30 appearances for the Lang Jacks during his first season with the club.

We’ve picked out the best questions from social media and put them to the centre-half. All questions have been sent in from our followers.

What are you looking to improve next season? Both with yourself and the team as a whole.

KG: I seemed to pick a few knocks up this season, which I haven’t previously done, so in terms of myself it would be to hopefully avoid picking up as many knocks. The team, as a whole, is to obviously do a lot better. We had a change of manager and squad far too often for one season, which didn’t help, but next season, under Con and Bowsa, we need to be up there and I’m sure we will. We’ll make Whickham one of those places no other side wants to come.

What was the most difficult part about your first season with the club?

KG: There were many difficult parts. At times I wasn’t enjoying being there purely because losing was the norm and a bit like a habit. Going from nearly winning it with Bishop to a relegation fight just a season later, I was thinking what’s going on. Again, too many managerial changes and changes to the squad along the way didn’t help. Mark and Bowsa came in and got us playing, getting the best out of everyone because there is some talent in that changing room and I’m sure that’ll show next season.

When you heard the news about the results being expunged, what was your immediate reaction and how did the lads feel about that?

KG: The results before Mark came in are in the past and we weren’t bothered about them at all and neither was he. It was all about what we were/are doing under him that matters to us.

How does it feel to play for Whickham?

KG: I’m a local lad, so it’s nice to play for a club in the area that you’re from. To win something in the next coming season with Whickham would be brilliant. The foundations are there, I’m sure we can achieve good things together.

How long was your longest session in days and hours?

KG: The longest session in days and hours haha, I think the lads know fine well a can go when I want to. Ibiza four days straight, no sleep, I think is the current record. I’ll give five days a go on my next visit.

If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

KG: Last meal I’d probably have to have a Nando’s.

Would you love to play alongside brother Terry for Whickham next season?

KG: One day I want to play next to my brother. Whenever that may be, we will have to see, but I’m sure we can make it happen at some point. He’s got things to achieve himself yet, close to a testimonial at Darlo, which would be a brilliant achievement for him. But as I say we shall see.

If we weren’t in lockdown over the upcoming Easter weekend. Where would you be found? In spoons or the bay horse?

KG: If we weren’t in lockdown, I was actually meant to be in Prague on bank holiday weekend, spending my days and nights in ‘clubs’ for a pals birthday. Gutted.

Obviously Terry is the most talented Galbraith out of you both but who is the better looking?

KG: I’ll allow him to have the more talented title for now, can’t argue with that one at the moment. Better looking out the two of us? I deffo take that title. I think he’s had a whack or two from centre forwards that may have spoilt his looks a bit, haha. I’m the gaffer in that department!

When did you become a glory supporter with Manchester City and why?

KG: I didn’t want to support the same team as everyone else growing up. City got rich, I may of jumped on the bandwagon. No regrets. Blue moon!!

How do you cope with the slope at the Glebe, which half do you prefer to defend and why?

KG: The slopes a nightmare. Honestly, we can’t stand it, but it is what it is. When you’re defending up the hill it’s very difficult, especially against a direct side because you just seem to get pinned in that bottom corner! Awful, but you have to adapt. It’s Northern League football at the end of the day.

Why do you always prefer wearing the number five shirt?

KG: The number five is my favourite number, that’s my shirt. Reason being, my birthday is July 5th and being a centre back it’s the main number for a centre half!

How many hours do you spend applying fake tan on average everyday?

KG: It’s the olive skin, Bulford likes to call it fake tan. He’s just jealous. He’s Casper white and is over the hill!

What’s the most meters you have fitted in a single day?

KG: Most meters fitted in a day? Couldn’t tell you. I make Bulford fit them, I’m his gaffa!